कस्टम मुद्रित धो आपूर्ति लोगो स्टिकर चिपकने वाला vinyl पनरोक लेबल आपूर्ति

Custom printed wash supplies logo sticker adhesive vinyl waterproof skin care products label stickers
मेटेरलतामा कागज, सिंथेटिक कागज, गूंगा चाँदी पीईटी, सेतो पीईटी, पारदर्शी पीईटी, पीवीसी।
रंगCMYK, Pantone रंग, पूर्ण रंग।
प्रभाव को विविधतापनरोक, होलोग्राम, कटौती, उच्च तापमान प्रतिरोध, पारदर्शी, सुन पन्नी, हटाउन योग्य र यति मा।
प्याकेजरोल, व्यक्तिगत पाना वा कटौती मर्नुहोस्।
नेतृत्व समयसामान्यतया 5-7 कार्य दिन भुक्तानी र कलाकृति को पुष्टि पछि।
भुक्तानीBOLETO, मास्टरकार्ड, भिसा, ई-जाँच, PAYLATER, T/T, Westrurn संघ द्वारा
ढुवानीहवा, समुद्र, अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय एक्सप्रेस, आदि द्वारा

There is no better way to show your customers, friends, and family that you use the best car care products than with the new BAZHOU round decal sticker! The all-new round decal features the new BAZHOU crest–a mean skull engine block with piston cross bones emblazoned with our fundamental passions: tradition and lifestyle. Our entire brand is represented on this one roundel. Slap this decal on your car to make a bold statement. Paste it to your wash buckets so people know what’s making those mounds of soapy suds. Adorn your detailing kit/battle box with this logo to let the world know you use nothing but the best detailing products money (and souls) can buy!

  • Unleash your creativity with a premium sticker paper pack that includes: full page sticker paper with glossy finish, ideal for printing with inkjet & laser printers and also easy to use with cricut , silhouette or other cutting machines.
  • Print all your custom, quality designs on our high-value, odor-free label material. Contains zero harmful chemicals.
  • Make your own stickers with our Free Design Software which is included with purchase of our decal paper. Whether you are a sticker printing rookie, or an expert, our user friendly software will allow you to bring your ideas to life.
  • Ideal for creating stickers for your DIY crafts and the kids' school projects- our vinyl sticker paper is also great for making labels for your tumblers, glass jars, and bottles- Perfect for your planner & photo albums.

About Waterproof Vinyl Labels and Stickers

Our white waterproof vinyl labels & stickers can be used for multiple purposes and applications. Printed on a more durable material than our premium paper, these waterproof stickers will be able to withstand more wear and tear both indoors and outdoors due to its water resistant finish and adhesive.

The best part about the waterproof labels material is that it can be cut to any shape or size and can also include perforated cuts, so you have complete control in how your waterproof labels will look.

Simply select your custom sticker shape below, then choose your options and input the dimensions of your waterproof printed sticker to see a live price!

Finishes & Adhesives

Our printed white waterproof vinyl labels and waterproof vinyl stickers are available in both a Matt and Gloss finish, with either a Permanent or Removable adhesive, both of which can be selected on the product page. We do offer a High Tack adhesive vinyl if you need that extra stick!

The waterproof adhesive on these vinyl labels, along with the waterproof & UV resistant inks means these printed labels can be used outdoors without the worry of smudging when wet.

We also offer Clear Waterproof stickers in either matt or gloss finish, if you are looking for that 'invisible label' look.

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