कस्टम मुद्रण चाँदी पाना स्टिकर पाना स्थिर उपकरण स्टिकर लेबल

Available in a range of finishes including silver, gold, brushed, sparkly and holographic, BZSticker metallic stickers look a million dollars.

Printed with hardwearing UV inks and available in the size and shape of your choice, our Metallic stickers are perfect for a range of labelling and promo uses.

Get your product or personal project noticed with our dazzling silver polypropylene label stock. The glossy metallic finish provides deeper, richer colors. Waterproof and resistant to oils, sunlight, abrasions and tearing, this material is great for products with oils like lotions, soaps, body washes, beard balms & moisturizers. It’s also perfect for chilled items like beer and wine or upscale products such as coffee & candy. Or you can add an exquisite touch to items like wedding favors, invitations & decorations. Available in sheet label format.

Custom printing silver sheet stickers sheet stationary equipment sticker label logo caution sticker
तामा कागज, सिंथेटिक कागज, गूंगा चाँदी पीईटी, सेतो पीईटी, पारदर्शी पीईटी, पीवीसी।
CMYK, Pantone रंग, पूर्ण रंग।
प्रभाव को विविधता
पनरोक, होलोग्राम, कटौती, उच्च तापमान प्रतिरोध, पारदर्शी, सुन पन्नी, हटाउन योग्य र यति मा।
रोल, व्यक्तिगत पाना वा कटौती मर्नुहोस्।
नेतृत्व समय
सामान्यतया 5-7 कार्य दिन भुक्तानी र कलाकृति को पुष्टि पछि।
BOLETO, मास्टरकार्ड, भिसा, ई-जाँच, PAYLATER, T/T, Westrurn संघ द्वारा।
हवा, समुद्र, अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय एक्सप्रेस, आदि द्वारा

कस्टम मुद्रण चाँदी पाना स्टिकर

कस्टम मुद्रण चाँदी पाना स्टिकर

कस्टम मुद्रण चाँदी पाना स्टिकर

कस्टम मुद्रण चाँदी पाना स्टिकर

कस्टम मुद्रण चाँदी पाना स्टिकर

कस्टम मुद्रण चाँदी पाना स्टिकर
Our metallic foil sticker printing is a fantastic choice for adding a shimmering finishing touch that catches the eye and gives a premium look, wherever they are affixed. These items are great for use on bottles, candles, and wedding stationery.

We laminate your stickers to give them extra thickness, which delivers extra protection and durability. The laminating process we use for our metallic foil sticker printing also gives the stickers a soft touch matt finish that is crisp, smooth and emphasizes your glossy foil highlights, so they stand out and shine with even greater brilliance.

Create Your Custom Metallic Stickers

Our custom sticker printing gives you complete design freedom to create a unique item for you or your business. We use specialized digital foiling techniques that let you break away from premade designs and templates. With our metallic foil sticker printing, you can print whatever you like and choose from an extensive range of foil colours.

When using our metallic foil sticker printing, you can choose the sticker size and shape, including custom shapes and the option for the items to be supplied together on a sheet.

High Quality Guaranteed With BZsticker

With quality guaranteed, we can assure you that our metallic stickers are the best quality in the world. We supply tried and tested paper stickers that are luxuriously and thick yet still flexible.

You have two different tack options. Standard tack works well for sticking to paper or envelopes. However, we recommend our high tack option for rounded surfaces such as those of jars and bottles.

We strongly encourage you to order a few sample-runs to ensure your stickers fit as you envisioned, as all bottles are made differently.

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